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Filler Rod - Welding Wire and Rod - AMS - AISI - TURBALOY® 4340

TURBALOY® 4340 MC-GRADE GTAW Solid Bare Welding Wire

 Cross-Reference Conformance Specifications

AMS 6456
AISI 4340
USWC 6456(V)
UNS G43400

Metallurgical Background Information

TURBALOY® 4340 is produced by vacuum induction melting and remelting techniques. The final wire is manufactured by special lubricant-free, roller-die forming followed by surface abrasion and cleaning processes.
These manufacturing processes ensure consistent metallurgical integrity of the alloy with regard to control of trace elements and physical purity of the welding wire surface.

TURBALOY® 4340 is a high strength, low alloy steel filler metal suitable for welding base metal of similar composition, giving good toughness and sound weld deposit.

Materials to be Welded and Applications

AMS 6415, 6409, 6414, 5331, 6359, 6454, 5330.
UNS G43400.
ASTM A322, A331, A505, A519.
Steam turbine and gas turbine applications; military and defense equipment, tooling, rocket motor cases, investment casting repair.
Use ultra clean weldment preparation. Refer to PH & PWHT chart.
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