IC H 11 F3 - Fairchild

Fairchild IC H 11 F3 Photo Fet Optocouplers 

The H11F series consists of a Gallium-Aluminum-Arsenide IRED emitting diode coupled to a symmetrical bilateral silicon photodetector. The detector is electrically isolated from the input and performs like an ideal isolated FET designed for distortion-free control of low level AC and DC analog signals. The H11F series devices are mounted in dual in-line packages.


As a remote variable resistor
• = 100? to = 300 M?
• = 99.9% linearity
• = 15 pF shunt capacitance
• = 100 G? I/O isolation resistance

As an analog switch
•  Extremely low offset voltage
•  60 Vpk-pk signal capability
•  No charge injection or latch-up
•  ton, toff    = 15 ┬ÁS
•  UL recognized (File #E90700)
•  VDE recognized (File #E94766)
    - Ordering option ‘300’ (e.g. H11F1.300)


As a variable resistor -
•  Isolated variable attenuator
•  Automatic gain control
•  Active filter fine tuning/band switching

As an analog switch -
•  Isolated sample and hold circuit
•  Multiplexed, optically isolated A/D conversion 

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