Eastman Turbo Oil 2380 - ETO 2380

Eastman Turbo Oil 2380 

 is still one of the most widely used turbine oils in the commercial aviation industry. It was one of the first turbine oils to be qualified and approved for Mil-PRF-23699 STD (Standard) class and subsequently SAE AS5780 SPC (Standard Performance Capability) class.

AeroShell Turbine Oil 750 - ASTO 750

AeroShell Turbine Oil 750  

was developed to meet the requirements of DERD 2487 (now DEF STAN 91-98) and to provide a high standard of lubrication in British civil gas turbines, particularly turbo-prop engines where a good load carrying oil was required for the propeller reduction gearbox.

Blasting Media - Glass Beads - AGB

Potters Glass Beads 0.0083 - 0.0117"

Potters Glass Beads 0.0117 - 0.0165"

Blasting Media - Abrasive Media - Washington Mills

Washington Mills White Aluminium Oxide

Calibration Foil - Elcometer

P/N : T990490101
Elcometer Measured Foil 12,5 µm (0,5 Mils) Nominal Thickness
P/N : T990490102
Elcometer Measured Foil 25 µm (1.0 Mils) Nominal Thickness
P/N : T990490103
Elcometer Measured Foil 50 µm (2.0 Mils) Nominal Thickness
P/N : T990490104
Elcometer Measured Foil 75 µm (3.0 Mils) Nominal Thickness

Fischer Gasket & Calibration Standard Cd/Fe

P/N : 600-791
Fischer Gasket for Type A - 3.2mm 
P/N : 600-795
Fischer Measuring Cell for V14/V16/V24       
P/N : 600-796
Fischer Clamping Coulo for V14/V16/V24      
P/N : 600-873
Fischer Calibration Standard Cd/Fe 4 -6 µm              

Facom Dead Blow Hammer & Tip

Facom Dead Blow Hammer 212A-60
Facom Dead Blow Hammer 212A-50
Facom Dead Blow Hammer 212A-40

Facom Dead Blow Hammer Tip 212E-60
Facom Dead Blow Hammer Tip 212E-50
Facom Dead Blow Hammer Tip 212E-40
Facom Dead Blow Hammer Tip 212E-35

Selang Sandblasting - Sandblasting Hose - Material Handling Hose

Selang Sandblasting

Gate Sandblasting Hose

Gates Material Handling Hose 3/4" 429W Sand Blast (50ft per Reel) - Selang Sandblasting - Sandblasting Hose

* Ready Stock

3M Scotch Brite 6444 Extra Duty Hand Pad

 3M - Scotch Brite Exstra Duty Hand Pad - 6444

 * Ready Stock

Emrald Greckster Ban Hidup (Pneumatic Tyre)

Emrald Greckster Pneumatic Tyre ( Ban hidup) untuk Forklift ukuran :  21 X 8 - 9

Ban depan forklift ukuran 21 X 8 - 9

 * Ready Stock

V Belt 051 028

Clausing Corp V Belt 051 028

Drill Press Belt 051 028

* Ready Stock

Silicone Carbide Rotus D. 300

Struers Silicon Carbide Grinding Paper, Grit 800 For wet grinding of materials (HV 30 - 800)

* Ready Stock

Pferd Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burrs

  Tungsten Carbide Burrs (Rotary Carbide Burrs) - Pferd

  * HMF1210 (KUD1210 6SZ3P) Tungsten Carbide Burrs
  * HMC1625 (WRC1625 6SZ3P) Tungsten Carbide Burrs
  * SPG0307 3SZ3P Tungsten Carbide Burrs
  * SKM0311 3SZ3P (HM33G0311-3P) Tungsten Carbide Burrs
  * SKM0613 3SZ3P (HM3G0613-3P) Tungsten Carbide Burrs
  * TRE0307 3SZ3P Tungsten Carbide Burrs
   * WRC0413 6SZ3P (HMC0413-3P) Tungsten Carbide Burrs
   * WRC0613 3SZ3P (HM3C0613-3P) Tungsten Carbide Burrs
   * WRC0616 6SZ3P Tungsten Carbide Burrs
   * WRC1225 6SZ3P (HMC1225-3P) Tungsten Carbide Burrs
   * ZYAS0616 6SZ3P (HM A0616-3P) Tungsten Carbide Burrs
   * ZYAS0820 6SZ3P (HMA0820ST-3P) Tungsten Carbide Burrs

 * Ready Stok

Abrasive Power Lock Discs

Abrasive Power Lock Discs Diameter 1-1/2 Grit 60, Type 1 Snap On Aluminum Oxide Resin Bond

* Ready Stock

Abrasive Spiral Bands - KSB

Are used for batch productions as well as occasionally in reworking and assembly applications

KSB 2220 - Abrasive Belt Grit 240 - Pferd

KSB 3825 - Abrasive Belt Grit 150 - Pferd

Pferd Rubber Drum Sanders - GK

Designed for use with abrasive spiral bands

* GK-2220 - Rotary Drum Sander
* GK-2525 - Rotary Drum Sander
* GK-3825 - Rotary Drum Sander

Cut off Wheels / Batu Potong - Pferd

Universal cut off wheel for steel, castings, and non ferrous metals. These thin tools are particularly suited for use on high temperature materials, e.g in jet engine repair and maintenance aplications. They are also used on automotive bodywork and for cutting sheet metal in confined spaces.